Yoga - How Often Should You Practice?


The question lingering around in the minds of most new yogis is how often should they be practicing yoga. It is not some medicine that can be prescribed accurately to each and every individual but it depends on all factors like what is the present state of flexibility and fitness along with what do you want to achieve performing this ancient form of exercise. For some, it may be to get stronger or get more flexible while some may want to lose weight or even just to attain a sense of peacefulness.

Yoga is not just a form of exercise as there is a lot more to it than most people realize. There are volumes and volumes of ancient texts that explore the various aspects and describe them in more detail. The physical aspect is only just a small part of these texts. In addition, many studies have shown that there are immense mental and physical benefits of yoga that are visible relatively quickly.

Yoga is, therefore, a holistic practice that encompasses all aspects of healthy living ranging from the physical and mental aspect to the spiritual aspect.

Yoga Is Not Like A Pill

Lots of people are curious to know how long they need to practice yoga before they start seeing any results. Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga takes time and dedicated practice to see the effects. This is hard to hear for most people today as a majority are looking for fast results and don’t like waiting long periods.

Practicing yoga consistently over long periods of time can improve strength, flexibility and help the body heal from various health conditions. To reap all the benefits that yoga has to offer, commitment is a crucial factor. Compared to other forms of exercise it is no surprise that yoga requires longer durations to achieve any evident results in the form of physical changes. Although mental changes will be evident from day one.

While getting Yoga Teacher Training In Ibiza you will be advised to practice yoga three times a week or more. With this practice, you will begin to notice slight improvements in balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. You will also find a heightened sense of awareness and will be able to move around more efficiently. On the other hand, if you are practicing yoga just once a week then you may not notice any evident changes. This may cause most people to get discouraged.

If you are someone who is not able to make a lot of time for a comprehensive practice then you may keep your sessions anywhere between 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Most yoga instructors advice that more frequent short sessions can provide better results than longer sessions that are spread out over long periods. However, if you cannot manage to make adequate time and one session per week is all that you can manage then even that is better than not practicing at all. If you are enjoying the sessions and are not forcing it upon yourself then the benefits will be there.