Yoga Postures - Their Spiritual Meaning

Yoga Postures

Most people today practice yoga primarily for physical benefits. With yoga, there are other underlying benefits as well like spiritual meaning that some asanas provide can help those performing it achieves equilibrium and unity with the outside world and oneness within themselves. Yoga revolves around nature and this is clearly evident with the inspiration behind poses that make up yoga. These can be animals and other entities present in nature.

Yoga is widely considered to be a holistic art. A yogi focuses on multiple aspects like physical, mental and spiritual with equal consideration. These holistic benefits are said to be attained by a person performing yoga when they get physically and emotionally stronger. A person who practices yoga generally sleeps better than someone who does not practice. One such way that yoga works holistically is with its poses. For instance, if you are performing the tree pose, you must, for that instant, become a tree to reap all the benefits that pose has to offer and achieve a state of oneness.

Many poses in yoga are popularly named after things that are present in nature. These are generally associated with animals ranging from cobras to cats and everything in between. These names help yogis delve deeply into the pose that they are named after. Here are a few of them,

Downward Facing Dog Pose

This may seem funny at first but if you have ever observed a dog waking up and going into a deep stretch right after, the name of this pose will then make perfect sense. The spiritual aspect of this pose lies in the act of stretching inward while connecting your center and then stretching your body in a long linear line then has a unifying effect within your spirit and establish a deeper connection to the outside world.

Tree Pose

The basic purpose of this pose is to find balance. In this pose, rigidity is not the right solution to find a balance like it is for ballet. Like a tree that sways with the wind, your body may sway just like the tree but your legs must act as roots and keep your body planted to the ground. This freedom of movement and finding balance in it while thinking about being rooted to the ground develops and enhances a deep spiritual meaning about your body in space.

Lotus Pose

Lotus is a flower that symbolizes purity. Hence the lotus pose is the most frequently used pose for pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation. The action of breathing is the purification process in the human body. A slow and deep breath has the ability to purify and energize our body. The spiritual meaning of the lotus flower is embodied in this yoga pose.

To maximize the spiritual benefits of yoga, you must first diversify the asanas you practice and make sure you do so in a serene and calm surrounding. We can help you do just that with our Yoga Teacher Training in Ibiza.