6 Criteria to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training School

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Are you thinking about taking up a yoga teacher training course? If you have done any research online regarding this, we are sure that you will be bewildered the large volume of options available to take this up. Well, you are not alone in this endless pursuit of choosing a YTT institute. Due to the reach and might of the internet, there is an endless choice of schools based on the YTT style, location, of course, pricing, size of the class and course length.

To help you make this choice we have come up with a few critical things to look for and remember when choosing the institute that best suits your needs.

Experience of School

The first thing to consider above everything is to find out how experienced is the school. We recommend you to find a reputable school which has a track record of at least five years at the minimum, the longer the better. This is plenty of time to identify if the school has been effective in imparting knowledge to its students. Ensure that you go through the testimonials of graduates to understand their personal experience. The next thing to consider is the curriculum that is offered by the school. It is recommended to find a healthy mix of theoretical learning and hands-on teaching for optimum knowledge acquisition.

Experience of The Training Team

The mode of interaction with the school will be through the training team that will conduct the session in the school. Even if the school has a great reputation, it does not always mean the training staff will be equally good. The first thing to look for as far as trainers are considered is, how many trainers are on the team? If there is just one or two trainers, approach cautiously. One or two trainers cannot be experts in all the dedicated fields of yoga. To evaluate this further, find out the combined teaching experience of the team. Choose schools that have guest teachers for specialized modules like philosophy and anatomy.

Student-Teacher Rapport

Besides the technical knowledge regarding the subject, it is essential for you to be able to relate to your teachers in order to build a better rapport with them. Which will in turn mean you will gain more knowledge from them. To get some insight into your teachers, check their social media. This will give you glimpse of what they teach and how. Look for teachers that are down to earth while being engaging and who will be involved with your yoga training all the way.


The location where you will be spending long days training can play a crucial role in how much of the training you’ll be able to grasp. There is no doubt that taking up this course if a sizable financial investment so why not make it in such a place which would double as a vacation. This will help you in the final days of the teaching when you can relax on the beautiful beachside of Ibiza when you have chosen Yoga Teacher Trainings in Ibiza or take in all that a tropical rainforest has on offer.

Number of Students accepted

If a large group of students is accepted in a single batch then you may not receive adequate attention from the trainers which may result in you not gaining the crucial knowledge. Even smaller groups can come with its own set of problems like a limited number of people may not allow group teaching prep or to learn from different body types. The ideal class size should be no more than 26. This can facilitate the formation of close relationships with your peers for hands-on learning in an intensive learning environment.

The style of yoga offered

The biggest question of all is, what style of yoga do you want to practice and teach? If you are uncertain about the style then we advise you to choose a mainstream style of yoga if you are opting for the 200hr teacher training program. While learning this, keep an open mind and explore all other types as well.