“Nurture UR Nature”

200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings Ibiza 2019: 

October 6th - 25th

Bali Spring 2020



Be prepared to talk about yourself (in detail) about ALL areas of your life. During the consultation, we open doors to places that may be vulnerable, yet this is exactly where we the healing has to begin. Based on the outcome of the conversation and what is revealed, we design a "Lifestyle plan" to bring you back into balance. Length: Min. 1.5 hrs. Cost: 120 Euros. Program is emailed to you as well as any other material you shall need.


Healing Treatments in Ayurveda consist of
Elimination of the root cause(s),  treatment of the condition, rebuilding of the body and the continuing support of a rejuvenation program (which will include a balance mix of: appropriate diet to balance out disturbed dosha, massage/appropriate treatments, herbs, Yoga, meditation).
Prices excludes 10 Euros for traveling short distances (in Ibiza)




An ancient treatment using warm oils (selected according to the body type) designed to improve circulation, remove toxins, calm the nervous system, enhance immunity, increase softness to the skin and add luster to it, increases stamina, improves vision, promotes healthy sleep, reduces anxiety and depression, promotes flexibility, releases healthy endorphins balancing hormones. Recommended after traveling. Length of treatment: 60 minutes plus a rest period.
Cost: 130 Euros



A steady stream of warm oil which is continuously poured onto the forehead. The oil runs over your temples, scalp and down through your hair. It is a practical method to restore the nervous system to its optimal functioning. It is one of the best therapies used to settle the mind. It improves the function of the overall nervous system which regulates sleep patterns – relieves mental tension, and induces a heavenly state of mind, improves memory, enhances blood circulation to the brain, nourishes hair and scalp, relieves fatigue, tension, anxiety, anger, chronic headaches, rheumatism, hypertension & asthma, ADD + ADHD, activates pituitary gland (master gland), increases intuition.  Shirodhara gives best results when taken on the day following an abhyanga. This is a Ama (toxin) removal treatment in addition to its mental relaxation.
Lenght of treatment: 60 min plus a rest period. 
Cost: 120 Euros

THE ROYAL TREATMENT: Abhyanga followed by a Shirodhara:
Length of treatment: 2. 1/2 hours
Cost: 230 includes a 15 minute Marma point therapy head treatment.



Marma are secret, hidden, vital energy points located in the surface of the body. Tendency to cluster around the joints, middle/belly of large muscles, tendons, major lymph nodes. Particularly good to treat arthritis, aids in healing and disease prevention, balances the nervous and lymphatic systems.
They are also knows as junction points where subtle life energy (un-manifested) becomes matter and where our thoughts come into physical manifestation. (Junction between consciousness and matter).
Referred to as energy pathways for healing.
It isone of the most restorative therapies as is so gentle and non-intrusive in the body influencing the entire human body and all its systems down to cellular level.
There is about 84,000 marmas in the body but we mainly work with 107 , 7 of which are the CHAKRAS.
Marmas are intimately connected to the chakra system.
Marma is a doorway of consciousness, while a chakra is a reservoir of consciousness. 
Lengh of treatment: 60 minutes with a rest period. 
Cost: 110 Euros




Bringing together ancient healing techniques from Ayurveda  and combining them with Shamanic principles for connecting to higher realms in light of removing energetic blocks from the physical, mental and esoteric bodies. Length of treatment: 2-2.5 hrs (including rest period).
Cost: 130 Euros