W-end Ayurvedic Retreats

W-end Ayurvedic Retreats


Yoga & Ayurveda

Wend Winter Retreats

Concept: We have carefully crafted each retreat to be in tune with balancing your constitution, from the music to the food, yoga, treatments, talks etc…. in order for you to learn tools to help you regain balance, back in your daily life where you truly need them :-)

What does each Wend include:

  • Accommodation in a gorgeous villa in St Gertrudis, North of the Island

  • All meals according to each DOSHA (snacks & tea)

  • Yoga for your Dosha (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday mornings)

  • Lifestyle plan (daily balancing routine, diet, yoga, breathing, aromatherapy, colours, herbs, oils etc) *take home document.

  • Ayurveda talk on each Dosha (the load-down) what to embrace for balance and harmony (Saturday after lunch)

  • Walk over the almond blossom valley of St Ignes (Saturday sun-set)

  • Shuttle service from St Gertrudis (Rendez-Vous @ Wild Beets Restaurant)

  • 30 min Indian head massage :-) To be scheduled upon arrival.


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Grounding Vata

February 15th - 17th

Signs this is the Wend for you, If you experiencing…..

  • dry or chapped skin.

  • constipation, gas, bloating, dry, hard stools.

  • low body weight.

  • dislike of cold and wind.

  • difficulty tolerating loud noises.

  • light, interrupted sleep.

  • nervousness, anxiety, panic, fear.

  • twitches, tics, tremors, spasms.

Calming Pitta

February 22nd - 24th

Signs this is the Wend for you, If you experiencing…..

  • red, inflamed rashacnecold sores.

  • acute inflammation in body or joints.

  • acid reflux, gastric or peptic ulcers, heartburn.

  • nausea or discomfort upon missing meals.

  • loose stools.

  • uncomfortable feeling of heat in the body.

  • Frustration, angerirritability.

Igniting Kapha

February 8th - 10th

Signs this is the Wend for you, If you experiencing…..

  • excess mucous.

  • thick, white tongue coat.

  • slowstickysluggish bowel movements.

  • high body weight.

  • difficulty rising in the morning.

  • feeling slowfoggydulllethargic or heavy.

  • easily attached or possessive.

  • overly sentimental.

How our W-end will flow:

  • Friday night: tea and small snack will be ready upon ur arrival. Walk around the property to land :-). Dinner will be served at 8 PM. After dinner we will have a cozy and welcoming circle, introductions & logisitcs. Yoga NIDRA before retiring to bed :-)

  • Saturday: Dosha Tea will be ready upon waking. Yoga @ 8 AM followed by Breakfast @ 9:45 AM. Time dedicated to rest, walking, treatments, therapy, 1-o-1 sessions from 10 - Noon. Lunch will be served at 12:30 PM. Ayurveda talk to understand your dosha and why is out of balance from 2-3:30 PM where lifestyle plans will be handed out :-) We gather at 4:30 PM to head over to St Ignes to breath some seriously gorgeous fresh prana campo air and witness the glorious almond blossoming amongst the ever green pastures. Dinner will be served at 7 PM. Music, singing, chanting, dancing or down-time after dinner.

  • Sunday: Dosha tea will be ready upon waking. Yoga @ 8 AM followed by Breakfast @ 9:45 AM. Closing circle with cacao and chanting if you it flows.

  • There is never good-bye, only Hasta Pronto :-

  • Any queries about any of the above, send us a message.