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" Learning about yoga & Ayurveda with Lily was a magical experience. The teacher training program had a lot of amazing information making each day new and exciting! Lily is a beautiful person and a pleasure to learn from. The knowledge and practice taken from this experience can help a person reach their highest potential in life."                    Bridget Smith. New Jersey, NY.



" Lear Liilamaya is a wonderful and beautiful person with a lot of Ayurvedic knowledge. She came o our place in Ibiza during our holiday in July 2016 for private Yoga classes. She is a real pro and amazing teacher. She can adapt her session to any kind of audience (beginners, intermediate and advanced). It was a divine pleasure to practice yoga with her in such a paradise environment. She has taught us a lot and we shared fabulous moments with her. An unforgettable experience in full harmony with the "Ibiza" lifestyle which I highly recommend. Thank you dear Liila! "              - Carinaclo. Brussels, Belgium.



potential in life. If you want to learn the real yoga, LilyPod is the way!        

It is a complete and perfect yoga & Ayurveda teacher training in the amazing Ibiza, last November. I ams so grateful to Liilamaya :)                        - Vanessa Villa, Italy.

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"Working with Lily was the highlight of my trip to Ibiza. I was fortunate enough to enjoy private instruction several times. Just loved her!                                             - Kim T. Texas.                                                         

"LILY'S BEAUTIFUL YOGA"                                                                

 "One of the most rewarding experiences on my yogic path was the Yoga Teacher Training with Liilamaya. She is not only very experienced and a skilful teacher, Lily has the quality of being generous which is the most important quality of a teacher. During the practice, her eye is attentive and caring in addition of her knowledge and very accurate adjustments. After the practice, she keeps on endlessly giving her best as a human being, an ayurvedic practitioner, a yogini, a friend. And she does all of that seriously, respectfully and ... with her warm beautiful smile :-))) Thank you dear Lily.                                      

- Anna Bielecka. Poland / France. 




"I took part of the yoga teacher training with Ayurveda in Ibiza. LilyPod Yoga offers a different and beautiful yoga experience. Yoga & Ayurveda are taught with love, care and knowledge from Lily and also from good external teachers. If you want a truly personal experience and take part of a yoga teacher training with a smaller group in one of the most magical places on Earth - This is for YOU!  - The training was held in a beautiful Ibiza villa - where you take part of the household and do yoga in amazing surroundings close to nature :)                                                     - Liv Karin Larsen. Oslo, Norway.                                                                                  




Norway Liliana is one of the very few people on this planet who can make you feel at ease in her presence. She knows exactly how to adjust you to get your body relaxed and deeper into a pose or stretch. I achieved things within that week which were, for me, genuinely remarkable!. I wish she was still teaching close by (in London) so I could visit her classes weekly. A true master and genuine nice person as well.            - Alastair Dobbie, London UK



nature :) I truly enjoyed the LilyPod experience. Liliana is a wonderful and very experienced yoga teacher. During the retreat with Liliana you will get a chance to practice in a very inspiring and relaxed atmosphere. Liliana takes good care of her yogis not only during her revitalizing yoga classes but also cooking delicious Ayurvedic food which is very tasty & healthy. She is a very positive teacher who brigns fun and joy diring her retreats. She also offers good Ayurvedic treatments which make her retreats even more enjoyable. Furthermore, she provides very helpful lifestyle tips. I went to two retreats with Liliana and I had a great time in both occasions. :)                                         - Silvia Prandi. London UK

"Rural Wellness Retreat of the year - 2018"

"Rural Wellness Retreat of the year - 2018"